ALRWAD Company is professional and experienced in money and valuables transit operations,with the aim fo accompilishing these operations in a timely manner after taking all the perequisitemeasures to protectsuch money and valuables from loss and larceny



Cash-in-Transit Services


  1. Cash transit operations are conducted via armored bullet-proof vehicles, which are well-equipped for such purposes
  2.  The vehicles are equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices in order to instantaneously track the vehicles during the consignment transit equipped with audio – related to relief police rescue service
  3. A crew of security officers, who are equipped with firearms, and who are renowned for their efficiency and honesty, escort the transit operation; as we do not only check their criminal and political records, but also refer to the Company management in this concern
  4. The vehicle’s crew commander is a retired officer ranked as a colonel, at least. This commander is responsible for taking and handing over the consignments with due diligence
  5. Motorola digital high-frequency radio devices are used covering all over Egypt for connecting the vehicles with the Company management in order to render immediate support
  6. The Company makes use of numerically-tagged plastic ‘seals’, that cannot be opened except by breakage, where the Company warrants the non-reiteration of  numeric tags in the aforesaid seals
  7. The Company provides the clients with valid and cashed insurance policies against the risks of theft by coercion, loss, damage, plunder, fire, breach of trust, and civil unrest riots regarding the cash in transit. The insurance policies cover the Company armored safes and cash counting and sorting as well
  8. The company provides an armored safe at the Company operation department, where the cash is deposited for the clients. This safe is well-secured and is heavily guarded with firearms and cartouche guns
  9.  The Company Operations Room is working 24/7 for running and tracking the consignment transit operations